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The origin of B.S.L. Landscape Architects dates back to the years 1963 and 1992 when Armin Boyer in Duisburg and Klaus Schulze in Soest founded their offices for landscape architecture. Today, the office is directed by Klaus Schulze.

The portfolio of the office’s work comprehends projects of different scales and reaches from private gardens to garden festivals. But regardless of the size of a project we are always true to our conviction: We understand ourselves as professionals who provide overall solutions to our clients considering ecology and design, poetry and engineering, aesthetics and cost-efficiency.

Our professional attitude is characterized by engagement and the joy of finding solutions for all landscape questions in close cooperation and dialogue with our clients.

For us, interdisciplinary team work together with other professionals such as architects, planners, civil engineers, ecologists or artists is a matter of course with regard to the complexity of projects that we are involved in.